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Josh Komorowski: Bio

I am an Independent (by the true definition) singer, guitarist, songwriter, and musician extraordinaire. I was born in Philadelphia and currently live in West Chester Pennsylvania with my wife and three beautiful children.

I started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 17. I have traveled around North America and sometimes around world but in the last few years have limited performances to the east coast to raise a family, write songs and play locally.

Since 1994 I have shared a stage with many National and Philadelphia artists, some large some small and have performed in music venues that range from 10,000 seats to living rooms.

I wrote and performed as the front man for a Philadelphia based band The Love Syndicate and all of its multiple variations throughout the 7 years of the group's existence. We independently released 4 full length albums and 4 live limited print albums, along side of many demo's funded by record labels that never came to fruition. The Love Syndicate's last release was intended for a 2004 release date and got tangled in the snares of the relentless music business.

Which brings me to the 2005 release of Josh Komorowski - There is always hope. The songs on this recording maintain an autobiographical sense of honesty and truth with a left-of-center approach to its musicality. The melodies are simple and the words are universal with a different nature and style to each track. There is a live, homemade gospel approach to a few numbers that really bring solidarity and closure to all the lyrical turmoil on the recording. This was intended to capture the dominant prevalence of my live performances and quality of their continued strength. They still are in heavy rotation today.

Currently I am performing at small local venues and working on new recordings. If you are a fan thank you for your loyalty and support through the many years. I'll continue to write songs and perform them if you keep coming to live shows and buying records; after all I am a musician for hire, the good old-fashioned way.

Current Lineup

... you may see me w/ the following....

Josh Komorowski and the Sons of Thunder.

josh - voice and guitar
tone whitfield- bass
jimmy coleman- drums
keith giosa- piano, organ, roads, guitar, voice... whatever.

Josh n Rob

josh- voice and guitar
rob mastrippolito -guitar and voice

The Sermon! Featuring Josh Komorowski

Rob- guitar
Don- bass
James- organ
Mike- Drums
Josh- Voice

Josh Komorowski and Donny Syracuse Extravaganza

Josh -Voice and Guitar
Donny Syracuse- Guiar and Voice
JC Calderon -Drums
Tone Whitfield- Bass
Keith Giosa - Keys

Group History