New shows 

Hey, Im not so good at updating at the stuff on here, but I'll be adding more. Be sure to like me on Facebook, that way I'll know the deep feeling of acceptance.

Getaway Man

the Kennet Flasher 

Thank you to all the folks that showed up at the Flash tonight. You are wonderful and you know who you are. Had a great night of music and laughs with Scot Sax.

Kennett Flash Nov 22 8pm 

I may or may not be playing songs from the new record... show up you may get a copy. but only if you are nice.

Upcoming Events...New Record. 2013 

Hey Folks, i put some new shows up. i figure not a lot folks come visit my website and to be quite honest... i forget to update it so, im sorry about that. but now its current two things.... one: I have to some shows in some cool venues.... for people that never plan ahead, check and like my facebook page. two: after 8 years, I am finally going into the studio next week to record some new tracks for a new record! why so long you ask? because patience is virtue, for me it needs to be a…

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New Shows 

I've got a few shows coming up put em' on your calendar.

New stuff!! 

Hey folks Welcome to my new site, I'm trying to keep things simple and easy for me to update some old songs are up there now, but i will soon add some 2011 recordings, as well some songs that were lost in the scheme of things and would be fun to listen to. The Email list and the Guestbook are brand new, if want to get emails about new recordings and show information please sign up. If you previously were on the list, it's been deleted so you'll have to sign up again. I generally only send out an…

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thank you. 

thanks to all who came out to the spence cafe in west chester. We had great night, Tone Whitfield on Bass, Jimmy Coleman on Drums, and special guest Mark Openlander sitting in on Guitar. 


stay tuned.  we will be at "the note" in West Chester, May 22.